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S.S. Master Society

SS Master at Seaspan Shipyards – Sept 2014

In April 1971, the World Ship Society, finding it increasingly difficult under its charter to maintain the MASTER, turned her over to a newly formed group called the Society for the Preservation of the Steam Towboat Master. In May, 1985, the name was changed to the S.S. Master Society, her exclusive owners and operators ever since.

Many thousands of hours are put in each year to maintain her in a condition good enough to pass her annual Boiler and Ship Inspection, and thanks to her faithful volunteer crew, she always passes with flying colours.

In honour of the Master’s 100th birthday in 2022, the SS Master Society has embarked on a massive restoration project – The Centenary Project. Many costly repairs are required to keep this beautiful ship in good operating condition, ensuring she will sail the West Coast waters for many years and many generations to come.

The S.S. Master Executive Board – 2020/2021

Barry Martens – President

David Bradford – Vice President

Tom Lidstone – Treasurer

James C. Conwell – Member at Large

Drew McVittie – Member at Large

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